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1. Bad In Town2. Corgis
3. Where Are You From4. Compulsive Gambler
5. Ladies At Lunch6. At A Pub
7. In A Bar8. Change Something
9. Nine Collapse10. Waterloo
11. How Old Am I?12. Embarrassing Situation
13. Golf Club14. Brokeback Bar
15. London Bar16. Deadbeat In A Bar
17. Superman18. Scotsman In Cuba
19. Brotherhood Of Boozers20. Coaxing The Wife
21. Pretty Lady22. Real Woman
23. Cowboy24. Order A Drink
25. Quick Drink Before It Starts26. Relationships Are Hard
27. Oral Activity28. Octogenarian
29. Champagne30. Old Woman
31. New & Improved Gong Show32. What Kind Of Car Do You Drive?
33. Gettin' Drunk34. That'll Be The Day!
35. Hooligan Hijinx36. Elephant
37. Dog38. Dennis Rodman
39. Camel & Mummy40. Serving Lawyers
41. The Nice Guy42. At The Pub
43. Piano44. Holding Water
45. Paper Towel Pirate46. Consultation
47. Old One48. Buffy And The Olive
49. Kentucky Bartender50. The Lucky Guy
51. Castro's Army52. Pile Of Dog
53. Aneurism54. Ten Shots Of Whisky
55. Finding The Car56. Family Problem
57. Lawyer58. Pubs
59. Old Scotch60. Butterface
61. Husband Talks62. Party Invitation
63. Embarrassing Situations64. Cut Off
65. The Mushroom66. One Of Us
67. Wish68. Dog Plays Piano
69. Three Irishmen70. Lucky Lucky
71. A Typical Texas Baby72. Arriving Home Very Drunk
73. After Work Drink74. Definitions
75. Bulls-eye!76. The Best Way To End An Argument
77. Talking Dog78. Elderly Gentleman
79. Seeing-eye Dog80. Stronger
81. The Talking Mouse !!82. Notebook
83. Smoke Rings84. Double
85. Better Taste86. Robot Bartender
87. The Neutron88. The Ballerina
89. Mcdonalds90. Nerd Season
91. Have You???92. Lonesome
93. Drowning Sorrows94. What A Way To Go!
95. More Important96. The Talking Dog
97. Panda98. I Am From Ireland
99. I Did It Once100. Drunk
101. Drunk Giraffe102. The Midget Wife
103. What's Your Name?104. Typical Texas Baby Boy
105. Bathroom106. Bill Payment
107. Fight With Little Woman108. Rough Mood
109. Fast Drinker110. Fifty Cents
111. How Come Not Married?112. Feeling Better
113. Dangerous Profession114. The Reunion
115. Picture116. Lemon Squeezer
117. Joke118. Armless Man's Assistant
119. Taxidermist120. White Horse
121. Keeping Myself Pure122. Olives
123. The Evils Of Drinking124. Three Vampires
125. Offers With Drinks126. Canadian Club
127. Whiskey Sours128. Rating
129. Beer Festival130. The Fuse
131. Amazing Dog132. Gun Slinging Cowboy
133. Ducks Day134. Drink Power
135. Paid For Beers136. Twice
137. Monkey138. Pilot
139. Embarrassing Moments140. Three Flies
141. Moonshine Operation142. A Man, An Ostrich, And A Cat
143. Suck A Sausage144. When We Drink Too Much
145. The Superman146. Come For Drink
147. Win Some, Lose Some148. Ugliest Wife
149. Toughest And Roughest Hooker150. A Man Orders A Beer
151. A Double152. An Infamous Stud
153. Singles Bar154. A Man Walks Into A Bar...
155. Going To A Party156. Ground For Divorce
157. Paddy158. Defaulting Customer
159. Watch And Wife160. Liquor Warning Labels
161. Matching Signs162. Freudian Slip
163. Fainting164. Truck Driver
165. Strange Drinking Customs166. Whiskey In The Jar
167. Never Drink And Drive168. Ducks In A Bar
169. Bar Quotes170. Animal Tricks
171. Construction Worker172. Two Drunks
173. Teddy Bears174. Years Of Training
175. Two Strings In A Bar176. New Beer Warning Labels
177. Two Guys And A Genie178. Martial Art Lessons
179. Ultra Hi Tech Guy180. Kid In A Bar
181. Rich Little Kid182. Wrong Bar
183. Tiff With O'riley184. Stupid Bar Bet
185. Drunk And Falling186. Bar Contest
187. Hungry Monkey188. Designated Driver
189. Drink Tester190. Drunken Fool
191. Ballerina192. Help! I'm Cold
193. Bars Joke System194. Alligator Dentist
195. I'm A W-i-f-e196. All You Can Drink
197. The Bill198. Toilet Paper
199. Push-ups200. Gorgeous Woman
201. Crowbar From Sears202. Sharon Stone
203. Eats Shoots And Leaves204. Jar Of Olives
205. $1000 Bet206. 12-year Scotch
207. Three Guys208. Saxophone
209. Truck Driver210. Depressed Man
211. Embarrassing Situation212. Drunkard's Logic
213. Magic Mirror214. Understand Women
215. Long Celebration216. Texas Size
217. Wheelchair218. Spat
219. Drinking Together220. Pint Of Less
221. Three Blondes222. Murphy Twins
223. Cats Tail224. Worlds Best Beer

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A young man got a license to trap furs for the winter in Alaska. After buying supplies in a local town he went into a nearby saloon. Approaching the bartender he asked, "Is there any action to be had in this town?"

"What do you mean, action?" asked the bartender.

"I mean, are there any women," said the trapper.

"No, but there's always old Joe," replied the bartender.

"No thanks," said the trapper. "I don't go for that kind of stuff."

The next spring the trapper came back into town. After being snowed in for nine months he was in a slightly different frame of mind. He walked into the bar and asked, "Is there any action in town?"

"There's still old Joe," repli ..
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Added on 01-28-2010