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1. Tasted Different2. Two Old Men
3. Breathalyzer4. Compulsive Worrier
5. Switching Sides6. Dog Haircut
7. Baby Shower8. In Bar
9. Very Bad Week10. Two Guys No Brains
11. Wife12. A Fishing Lure
13. Windy14. Snake Bite
15. Quit Smoking16. Brown Eyes
17. Boston Irish18. I Knew You Would Come
19. Household Chores20. Dropping Money Down The Toilet
21. Route 6622. Have A Coke And Smile
23. The Bridge24. Heaven And Hell
25. The Man With No Voice26. Affair
27. Brother Died28. Key
29. Echoes30. Test
31. Whale Communication32. With Pride
33. Future Plan34. Brake Fluid
35. Chapter Eleven36. Turn Over Baby
37. Cowboy Chips38. A Point Of View
39. Playing Doctor40. Not Ready For Marriage
41. Self-conscious42. Good Memory
43. Personal Secretary44. How To Save From Tiger
45. Pair Of Nikes46. Perfection Of Practice
47. Why48. Steaks
49. Fault50. Magic
51. Hunchback! Hunchback52. Accupuncture
53. So Sad54. New Bird Dog
55. Marriage Is The Best Teacher56. A Fireman
57. Just The Girls58. Peeping Tom
59. Moose60. Confession
61. Fashion Sense62. Holding Hands
63. Historical64. Missing
65. Strange Page66. Cake
67. Perfect Girl68. The Perfect Man
69. Broken Off Engagement70. Convention
71. Tickets72. Domestic Trouble
73. Flowers74. Last Wish
75. Pms76. Not Me Your Honor
77. The Problem78. When Become Angry
79. Placing Your Order80. Cartwheels
81. Cemetery Talk82. I Don't Remember
83. The Vase84. 40 Years Married
85. Best Friend86. Two Bear Hunters
87. Play As James Bond88. Be Polite
89. Best Friend90. Married Life
91. Texas Hunters92. Housekeeping
93. Little Dog94. Coming Home
95. The Talking Clock96. Five-story Hotel
97. Happier98. Profanities
99. Lovemaking100. Gallagher's Obituary
101. Tough Choice102. Daughters
103. 50th Wedding Anniversary104. Baseball In Heaven
105. The Exorcist106. Leather Jacket
107. Tonsils108. Bargain
109. Memento110. New Bride Of 80 Years Old Man
111. Perfect Advice112. Perfect Gift
113. Finishing School114. Asleep In Church
115. Board116. Sweet Dream
117. Drinking Buddies118. Know The Name
119. Aspiring Artist120. Pleasure Of Switzerland
121. Dinner122. Cut The Loss
123. Money Isn't Everything124. Dinner
125. Mom's Dead126. Head Cleaner
127. Mary With 16128. Pin Number
129. Boat For Sale130. New Friend
131. Friends At Whorehouse132. The Perfect Woman
133. Walking Economy134. God's Boxes
135. Baseball136. 21 Reasons Why Best Friends Are Be..
137. Blind Corner138. Most Exciting Experiences
139. Two Types Of Friends -- Real & Sim..140. Playing
141. Q&a's142. Espirit De Spirit
143. Lord's Army144. Money, Money, Money
145. Golf Ball146. Saved By Time
147. Swimming148. Talking Clock
149. If You Had....150. Samples
151. Chunks152. Volvo
153. Fishy Dinner154. Wife Just Ran Off With My Best Fri..
155. Unfaithful Wife156. Drinking Buddies On Jet Fuel
157. Cultural Exchange158. The Wedding Case
159. 2 Italian Friends160. Gods Creativity
161. American & French162. A Thing Called Intelligence
163. This Week - Nothing164. Bubba, Daryl And Gomer
165. At Which Time Do You Wake Up?166. My Wife And My Girl Friend
167. Perfect Girl168. Silver Color Shoes
169. Hot Dogs170. Help
171. Three Buddies172. Debate On Who Has The Best Memory
173. Lonely174. 1932 Rolls Royce
175. Two Men Went Hunting176. Sex Change Operation
177. Gods Judgement On Taxes

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A young man is confronted by some of his friends and told that he may be drinking a bit too much and it seems like it may be getting in the way of his work and effecting some of his relationships. His friends are concerned that he may need to seek help...

He took their feelings to heart and joined AA. At the end of a year of dedication he is clean and sober and gets his "pin" showing his progress (of one year being clean and sober)...

He then thinks, he has wanted to stop smoking for awhile, could he use the same principles he used in AA to stop smoking? He sets himself on the path and does so...

By the second year when he gets his pin from AA, his is tobacco free... and has a small dinner party to celebrate the fact. When he get together with his frien ..
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Added on 07-06-2009