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Husband Wife Jokes
1. Batteries2. Time To Wash
3. Homeless Woman4. Hard Of Hearing
5. Airport Play Set6. Jewish Wife
7. Violinist8. Colosseum
9. Double Wedding10. Backseat Drivers
11. Shoe Salesman12. A Dying Scotsman
13. Dying Husband14. Picnic
15. The Old Lady16. Our
17. Pregnant18. Stamp
19. Cat Food20. High Expectations
21. Drunk Husband22. Next What?
23. Bury At Sea24. Coast Guard Wife
25. How To Look Young26. Be Careful What You Wish For
27. Candidate In Legislature28. Dreadful Sermon
29. Cruise30. Bedroom Footie
31. Empty Nest32. Dog
33. Lie34. New Car
35. Souvenir For Sweetheart36. No More Headaches
37. Cooking38. Don't Stop
39. Leftovers40. Sleep With Angelina Jolie
41. The Man Of Your House42. Golf Clubs
43. Get Even, Not Angry44. Crazy Train
45. For Old Times Sake46. Important Party
47. Broken Heart48. Extra
49. Golf Genie50. Old Codger
51. Saving Up52. Chivalry Was My Motive
53. Marriage Counsellor54. Sweet Sales Practice
55. Wedding56. Walking The Dog
57. Devoted Dog58. Bridal
59. Seminar On Efficiency60. Two Caddies
61. Marry Larry62. Noting To Cook
63. Junior's Bike64. Empty Bank Account
65. Blond Father66. Pull Over
67. Painting The House68. Milking A Cow
69. Hair Curlers70. Anniversary
71. Faithful Husband72. Lipstick On Collar
73. Age74. Detective
75. Wounding Husband76. Repeat Praise
77. Tampa78. Final Confession
79. The Auction80. Misunderstanding
81. Distillery82. Cookies
83. Waterbed84. Good Bye
85. The Boss86. Buying Things
87. New Living Room88. Methos To Keep Fit
89. Groundhog Day90. Never Lie To A Woman
91. The Letter92. Second Fiddle
93. Bread94. Couldn't Spell
95. Milking Cow96. Mistress
97. Pencil Tied To Willy98. Whistle!
99. No Reservations100. Married To An Insurance Man
101. Sacrifice Love For The Game102. Ain't Retirement Grand?
103. The Carburettor104. Cooking
105. Take To Pub106. Moonshine
107. Cheating108. New Dress
109. Teapot110. Family Planning Clinic
111. Garbage112. Indian Name
113. Watching Football114. Dream
115. New House116. Pray
117. Fishing118. I Rest My Case
119. Newly Wed120. Reads To Me
121. Creative Mind122. My Husband
123. Can't Get Enough124. Making Coffee
125. The Respectable Housewife126. Fairground
127. Religious Walker128. Darling....
129. Feel Good130. Redhead
131. Glasses132. Playing Second Fiddle
133. Kicking134. Hearing Problem
135. The Gambler136. Smart Dog
137. Divorce138. Slightly Used Car
139. Living140. How To Master Your Wife
141. Expiry Date142. Treat Of Honesty
143. Great Trade144. Double
145. Jinx146. Player's Dream
147. Happy Birthday148. Fart
149. Control Anger150. The Box Of Chocolates
151. Argument152. Matchmaker
153. The Study154. Memorial Stone
155. Quarrel156. Wife For Whisky
157. Beauty In The Eyes Of Benumbed158. Get Away From My Deer!
159. Pants160. Tooth Pulling
161. Elderly Neighbour162. Missing
163. Late Excuse164. Wife's Birthday
165. Best Of Luck166. Cigarettes And Tampons
167. Good Driving168. Special Offer
169. A Bad Day Fishing170. Thanksgiving Gift
171. Genie Stuff172. Wedding Cost
173. Golf174. Only 3 Times....
175. Effect176. Marriage Counseling
177. The Evils Of Sin178. Three Rules
179. Husbands180. Candy
181. Washing Machine182. Funeral Service
183. Lottery Winning184. Build A Patio
185. Husband Ill186. Lent
187. Only In Hollywood188. Beep Repaired
189. Play190. Promise
191. Disabilities192. Cursing
193. Beef Bourguignon194. Pleasing Husband God
195. Hardware Store Shopping196. Lily For Lunch
197. Love Me When Old198. Mistakes
199. Reason For Late200. Loss Of Appetite
201. Note Of Caution202. How To Face The Problem
203. Daylight Savings Time204. Idiot Box
205. Pocket Cleaner206. How Old
207. Giant Boy Scout208. Wearing Off
209. Priorities Change210. Puppies
211. A Second Wife212. Eulogy
213. The Masked Man214. Problem Conceiving
215. Article216. Hard Times
217. Morning Discussion218. Man Of The House
219. Curtains220. Golf Lover
221. Bowling Team222. Lottery
223. The Box Of Chocolates224. Message From Dead Husband
225. Dog's Life226. Diet
227. The Dummmest Guys228. Bridge
229. Action Tonight230. Getting A Tattoo
231. Fishing Trip232. Roses For Wife
233. My Wife Is Missing234. Hiccups
235. Dating Again236. Hearing Ad
237. Piano For Birthday238. Height Of Communication Gap
239. Diamond Bracelet240. Post Office
241. Telegram242. Disappearance
243. Imitation Tennis Bracelet244. Hebrews
245. Fitting Punishment246. Lamaze Class
247. Wedding Present248. Too-jealous Wife
249. Fire Engine250. Custody Of Children
251. Help The Neighbours252. Diet Club
253. Attraction Of Deception254. Bargain Of Relationship
255. Good Bye Coin256. Birthday Celebration
257. The Chickens258. Rob In Heaven
259. Missing Person260. Something In Common
261. Ten Dollars Is Ten Dollars262. After Marriage
263. Bills264. Control Over Wife
265. Trip To The Clinic266. Sick
267. The Ungrateful268. Noise Downstairs
269. You Can Do Anything270. Keep Husband In Life
271. The Expert272. Chemical Spray
273. Reason To Get Divorce274. Rest In Peace
275. Two Great Tickets276. Billboard
277. Divorce For Health Reasons278. Nasty Divorce
279. Intelligence Of A Father280. Love To Do
281. Love Your Enemy282. Balance
283. Lunch At Mcdonald's284. Circus
285. Gift On 40th Anniversary286. 1989 Cadillac
287. The Clock288. Beast
289. Always Wear Your Seat Belt290. Blow The Bill
291. At Pickle Factory292. The Old Saying
293. Concert294. George And The Dragon
295. Written On Forehead296. Bad Habits Never Die
297. New Number298. Ex-wife
299. Same Service300. Faithful
301. My Wife Is Poisoning Me302. Look Like
303. Stomach In304. Easter Cookies
305. Birth Control306. Adam Eve
307. Statue308. The Salesman
309. Burial310. What A Wife Says...and Means
311. Clarence312. Ransom
313. Revenge314. Divorce Proceedings
315. Mudpack316. The Lament Of The Second
317. Strange Stuff318. What Marriage Is All About
319. No Making Love320. Jealous Husband
321. Words322. New Car
323. Observant Wife324. Revenge Is Sweet
325. Great Relief326. Cookies For Funeral
327. African Violets328. Liar
329. Questions On Husband330. The Worried Wife
331. Lipstick332. Hunting
333. Sudden Death334. What Bible Says
335. Totally Blank336. Changing Tyres
337. Enough To Teach338. The Cheating Husband
339. The Husband Store340. State Trooper
341. Love342. Be Careful When Go For Fishing
343. 50th Wedding Anniversary344. One Last Cookie
345. Keeping The House Warm346. Company Picnic
347. Three Envelopes348. Senior's Special
349. Husband's Policy350. Biting Nails
351. Hard Day352. Big Idea
353. Very Funny354. Golfing
355. Contest356. The Gorilla
357. How To Be A Good Husband358. Bad Luck
359. Its Dark Here360. Indianapolis
361. The Third One362. Man On His Deathbed
363. A Way To Save Marriage364. Thoughtful
365. The Hot Day366. Washing Shirt
367. Pregnancy368. Crazy
369. Glasses370. I'm Going To The Pub
371. In The Garden372. The Secret
373. The Old Goat374. Wonderful Diet
375. Be On Time376. Try To Understand
377. Confession378. Dancing Frenzy
379. Damn Cat380. Friends
381. Living Bra382. Widow
383. The Texan384. Last Wish
385. Want To Bet386. The Happiest Woman
387. Happy Night388. Headstone
389. Spousal Technical Language390. Married
391. Change Makes Reality392. Cuckoo Clock
393. All By Letters394. The Portrait
395. Future Aspects396. Assets
397. Culinary Mastery398. Definitely Dead
399. In The Mirror400. The Obedient Wife
401. Who Does What?402. Stupid And Beautiful
403. Words404. Marriage Seminar
405. Obituary406. Golfing
407. What 20 Million American Women Want408. This Is Heaven
409. The Black Suit410. The Repairman
411. Reason To Divorce412. Plumber
413. Anything Broken?414. Rodent Sound
415. Mistake416. Worried Husband
417. Wounded Skunk418. Hunting
419. Real Son420. Parrot
421. Proof For Overnight Stay422. Secret Box
423. The Golden Saloon424. Cheating Housewives
425. Wishing Well426. Five Wives
427. Problem Solve428. Long Dream
429. Shaving430. The Experimental Drug
431. Danger Dream432. Love Tax
433. Assertive Husband434. Dress Size
435. Short Day436. Living Will
437. Birthday438. Anniversary
439. Stress-free440. Couple Driving
441. Hundred Camels442. Garage Sale
443. Real Wife444. Mondray Not Monday
445. Season Tickets446. Something Special
447. Real Love448. The Feared Old Man
449. Fifty-something450. Practically Speaking
451. Guard Dog452. Deer Hunting Season
453. Gold Nugget Baby454. Irish Obituary
455. New Lingerie456. The Theater
457. Drunk Husband458. Signs That Your Dog Hates Your Hus..
459. A Viagra Joke460. No Sense Of Humor...
461. Would You Re-marry??462. Mrs. Wilson
463. The Perfect Husband464. New Position
465. Owner's Manual466. Liar, Damn Liar
467. Yorkshire Women468. Extramarital Stormy Affairs
469. That's Once470. Inappropriate Application
471. Life After Marriage472. Devil Shopping
473. Faith474. Wife Beater Not
475. The Mother-in-law476. Contract Expiration
477. Best Diplomats Are Women478. Cat Food
479. A Dozen Red Roses480. Email To Beloved Wife
481. Lost Respect482. Mom's Advice
483. Catching Up With Lost Pleasures484. A-pearl-ling Behaviour
485. Lawn Mower486. Cash And Spend
487. Jealous Husband488. Why All Find My Wife Attractive
489. Grading490. Rabbit Food
491. 3 Married Couples492. Adventure In Honeymooning
493. Bed Room Conversation494. Tounge Walk
495. Understand Her Better496. It Grows With Miracle
497. Low Frequency Sex498. Snails
499. John And Mary500. The Browns
501. Fine Perfume In A Cheap Bottle502. My Friends
503. Not Good Enough504. Cards For Ex-spouses
505. A Great Gift506. The Lion
507. Not This Time508. Three Wishes
509. Marriage Counselor510. Sure Is Hot Down Here
511. Miscommunication512. Top 7 Signs Your Husband Is About ..
513. Skin Transplant514. Top 16 Fatal Things To Say Your To..
515. Payback Time516. Surprise Birthday
517. Pregnancy Q & A518. Married For Over 50 Years
519. Seven Ages Of The Married Cold520. Nap Between Sex
521. Dumb & Ugly522. My Husband Passed Away
523. Best Excuse For Cheating524. Powerful Pills
525. Honey, Can I Take A Naked Pic526. Cheating On Wife
527. Last Will And Testicles528. Shoplifting
529. Wife In Coma530. What I Did Today
531. We Will Never Require Counselling532. Before It Starts
533. Man Bashing Q & A534. Screwing A Used Hole
535. True Definitions536. Wife - 30 Years Younger
537. Strange Case538. I Can And I Will
539. Watch His Face540. Stop Sex
541. Sexy Signs542. Too Lazy To Work
543. I'd Believe That544. Heavenly Rare
545. "Old" Is When546. Forgetful Age
547. You Were Always There548. Lousy Lover
549. Boss Of The House550. Spell To Enter
551. Two Women552. Special Tattoo
553. Paying Back554. Missing
555. Hooker556. Problems When Using Wife 1.0
557. Never Irritate Your Husband/boyfri..558. 18 Into 54
559. Bra Types560. Baked Beans
561. The Rules562. Blind Man
563. Blonde Husband564. As My Father Told
565. Facing The Guilt566. Sayings
567. A Dollar In The Box568. Ultimate Pleasure
569. Fire Station Rules570. Funny One Liners

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All my husband wanted was to pay for some batteries, but none of the clerks in the electronics store seemed interested in helping him.

"I've got an idea," I said, and pulled a tape measure out of my purse. I stepped over to one of the giant plasma-screen TVs and started to measure it.

Faster than you can say high definition, a young man came running over. "May I help you?" he asked breathlessly.

"Yes," I said. "I'd like to buy these batteries."
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