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1. Black Eye2. Strange Man
3. How To Sell Toothbrushes4. Hit Thumb
5. Impure Thoughts6. Side Pain
7. Blunders8. Big Words
9. Home Early10. True Love
11. Cheats12. Empty Stomach
13. Hair14. 2Nd Grade
15. Cold Cream16. Homework Help
17. Pistol18. Do For A Living
19. Sliding Down The Banister Rail20. The Lamp
21. Earless Baby22. Bathroom
23. Blackeye24. Playing In Sandbox
25. Hold Your Chest26. Afraid Of The Dark
27. In The Class28. At A Bank
29. Future Planning30. Play Cards
31. Play House32. Balloons
33. Being Good34. Logic
35. Example Of A Development36. Pokar
37. Animal Identification38. T-e-q-u-i-l-a
39. Aptitude Test40. Agriculture
41. Republicans And Democrats42. Album
43. The Extended Family44. Say A Prayer
45. Period46. Sleeping On Top Of Each Other
47. Grades All Wet48. Weather Vane
49. Reason For Few Hairs On Head50. Multi-syllable Word
51. Ladies Eating Bananas52. New Baby
53. Great Memory54. Spelling Father's Profession
55. Very Dangerous56. Pulled Over
57. Pesky Insects58. Love With Teacher
59. Noises Coming From Bedroom60. Use The Word Definitely
61. Too Many Candybars62. Buying Condoms
63. Its Nothing Son64. Dad's Style Of Honking
65. Syllable Word66. Black And Brown
67. Math Lesson68. Plaque
69. Addition70. Did For Living
71. Compliment72. Life Science Exam
73. Just Curious74. Palm Sunday
75. Poker Game76. Marriage
77. Zoo78. Getting Divorced
79. Birthday Gift80. Who Said?
81. Raw Material82. Rule Before Buy
83. Story With Moral84. Report Card
85. Band-aid86. Maths
87. Faithful Couple88. Piece Of Paper
89. Advise90. Selling Trick
91. Right & Wrong92. The Definitely One
93. Homework94. Good Manners
95. Good Cook96. Christian Home
97. Second Facts98. Numbers
99. Noah And The Ark100. Sneeze
101. Alone102. Taken Apart
103. Learning The Facts Of Life104. Following An Example
105. A Bible Reading106. Sex Education
107. Having A Wank108. Insurance Salesman
109. Biology Class110. Garters
111. The 10 Most Wanted112. Babies
113. Viagra114. Tobacco Stains
115. Fishing116. A Brick
117. Standard Argument118. Zoo
119. Show & Tell120. Birthday Present
121. Candy122. Cake
123. Jerk Off124. Pregnant
125. Indoctrination To Sex126. S&m Magazine
127. The Whole Truth128. Beaver
129. Hospital130. Us Air
131. The Phantom Strikes Again132. Play House
133. We Move Anything134. Where Did I Come From?
135. Poetry Or Prose136. First Sex Experience
137. The Train138. Cold Cream
139. Snack Time140. Summer Holidays
141. A Double-barrel142. Substitute
143. In Heat144. French Border
145. Direct Object146. Hell's Angel
147. An Atheist148. Good Samaritan
149. Earth Science Class150. Machines
151. Good Shot!152. Thunderstorm
153. Grandma154. Mileage
155. Turtle156. President
157. Playing Doctor158. Shriner Convention
159. Having A Baby160. Ten Commandments
161. Wild Card!162. Scotch On The Rocks
163. Baby-worm164. A Puppy
165. Jesus Christ166. Before
167. First Grade168. Gone To Heaven
169. Grammar170. Sex Education
171. Hello-copper172. Where Is God?
173. Oral Exam174. Goldfish
175. What Part Of Your Body Goes To Hea..176. Animal Game
177. The Fly178. The School Play
179. Sex Education180. Describing Mother
181. Magnet182. Q&a Session
183. Little Johnny In A Drugstore184. Johnny Birthday
185. What Goes To Heaven First?186. Gentlemen Don't Ask Ladies That Qu..
187. Fascinate188. Honeybees
189. Lone Ranger190. Way Of Thinking
191. Saying Grace Before Meals192. Adolescent
193. Clock & The Miss, Whats Similar194. Story Of Elijah
195. Need Grandma196. Four-year-old Little Johnny
197. Unrestrained Johnny198. Johnny Be Polite
199. Johnny's Bride200. Viagra & Grandpa
201. Masturbatory Advice202. Writing Valentine Cards
203. Johnny's Bad English204. Father's Knowledge
205. No Fishing206. Johnny Gets Absent From School
207. Its A Boy's Game208. The Logic Of Little Kids
209. The Whole Truth210. Aunt Karen
211. Baby Planes212. Helping Someone Out
213. Math Lesson214. Mounted Cop
215. 20/20 Vision216. Blank Sheet Of Paper
217. Surprise218. Wearing Out
219. A Weapon220. Gotta Pee
221. Looks Plastic & Feels Rubber222. 7 Time Enlargement
223. Adolescent224. Little Johnny On Gambling

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Latest in Little Johnny
Little Johnny's teacher noticed that he was sporting a black eye. She asked him what happened, and he replied, "Ma'am, you remember I told you how I sleep on the floor next to my parent's bed? Well, last night, my dad asked me if I was still awake, I said yes and then he punched me in the face."

"Ok, Johnny", the teacher said, trying to help, " the next time your dad asks you if you're still awake, don't answer, just lay still and pretend to be asleep."

All went well, until a few weeks later, Little Johnny came to class with another black eye. The teacher asked him why he didn't follow her advice.

Johnny explained, "Ma'am, I tried to, when dad asked me if I was awake, I kept quiet and lay really still, and pretended to be asleep ..
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Added on 10-07-2009