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Naughty Jokes
1. The Virgin Flight2. Evening Class
3. Wish4. Mouse
5. Christmas Golf6. What Is Sex
7. Public Toilet8. Doctors Opinions
9. Disease10. Every Time
11. High Customer12. Strange City
13. Talking About Sex14. New Sales Associate
15. Johnny Go Deeper16. V Sweater
17. Sexual Encounter18. Farmer's Wife
19. Hurts20. Thor
21. Secretary Pregnant22. Orgasm For A Woman
23. Confessional24. Tattoo
25. Virgins26. Hang On
27. My Ass28. Sex Change Or....
29. Up Or Down30. Jewish Grandma
31. Losing Virginity32. Peeing Lesson
33. Santa And A Boy34. Rare Erection
35. Immigrant Style36. Holy Water
37. That's My Chicken38. Condoms
39. Sandwiches In Bed40. Salesman
41. Charade Player42. Blind Date
43. Priests44. Checkup
45. Breakoff Engagement46. Whorehouse
47. Sexy Lady48. Sixteen Year Old In Labor
49. Texan50. Married For Money
51. Just Had A Baby52. Barn Sex
53. Premature Ejaculation54. Pain
55. Documentary56. Face The Music
57. Car Salesman58. Little Johnny
59. Preach60. First Date
61. Few Myths62. First Date
63. Penis Problem64. What Parents Thought
65. Mexican66. Bisexual
67. Declaration Of Independence68. The Cab Driver
69. Okie Guys70. Rabbi
71. Okie & His New Bride72. Condoms With Pesticides
73. Dad's Character74. The Flay Frog
75. Doing Loundry76. Bad Luck
77. Explorers78. Aisle 4
79. Twick Or Tweat80. Rancher
81. Sex Education82. What Does A Vagina Look Like?
83. Fart84. Three Whores
85. New Drink86. Gold Digger
87. Virgins88. Abstain From Sex
89. Exam90. Other Half
91. Great Business Plan92. Bad Suggestions
93. Rude Doctor94. Gynecolgist Assistant
95. Halloween Costumes96. Smaller Bites
97. The Assistant98. Dumber
99. Poo100. Two Aliens
101. Three Guys102. New Store
103. Making Cigarettes104. Bar Contest
105. Blow Or....106. Sex Education
107. The Anatomy Class108. Baby Sitting
109. Husband And Wife At Mood110. My Private Part Died Today
111. Vacation112. Honeymoon Horrors!
113. Sex Change114. Viagra
115. Indifferent116. Female Sex Education
117. Xcuse Me!118. State Of Head
119. Good In Bed120. Genie
121. Pregnant Woman122. Who Wants A Scholar?
123. Artificial Pussy124. Dentist
125. Hooker126. Topless Fat Woman
127. Priest In South Bronx128. Hello
129. Pop Of Flop130. Mailbox
131. After Life132. Midlife
133. Deciding The Days134. Knowledge About Woman
135. Drinking Like Crazy136. Sex On The Bench
137. African Penis138. One Wish
139. How Men Think140. Shopping
141. Miracle142. Shooting At The Wrong Time!
143. Mad Dogs144. Gum Boobs
145. Foreigner146. Gay Guy Went To Heaven
147. Never Slept With A Man148. Dating
149. Frustrated Overtures150. Parish Priest
151. Proper Rituals152. Touch Breasts
153. Observant Daughter154. Miss Ex
155. Good Idea156. Instructions
157. Sex-lax158. Sex Drive
159. Talk Talk Talk160. Sex Product
161. Another Woman162. Newly Wed Seniors
163. Baby's First Doctor Visit164. Wifes Lover
165. Pussy Treats166. Dates To The Prom
167. Ed Zachary Disease168. Give Up Sex
169. Panty Rub170. Won't Last A Year
171. Two Women172. Guide Dog
173. The Woman With Three Fannies174. The Virgin Husband
175. Virgin Bride176. Wrong Bus
177. Texas Sphincters178. Cosmetic Surgery
179. Try Something Different180. Parrot
181. Prostitutes182. Home Life
183. Gay Test184. New Secretary
185. Airborne Training186. Nun With Tin Cup
187. Hey Big Boy!188. Deteriorating Sex Life
189. On 25th Anniversary190. First Erection
191. Good News And Bad News192. Wedding Night
193. Bereavement Of A Friend194. Old Couple
195. Sexual Performance Problem196. Cowboy And The Mexican
197. Clarification Of Intention198. Super Powers
199. Pancakes200. Bikers Club
201. Save It Until Married202. Sex Lives
203. Condoms204. Tired Hands
205. Get Rick Quick206. Healthy Diet
207. Mutual Frustration208. Builder And Destroyer
209. Blind Man210. Confessions Of Sodom
211. Sexual Relation212. Lie Detector Robot
213. Crazy English214. Condom Of Consolation
215. Ice Cream216. Virgin Rumor
217. A Hole In The Body218. Similarity
219. Vacancy220. Air Pump
221. An Old Fart222. Redhead With Huge Breasts
223. Hunter224. Learn To Iron
225. Mongolian Vd226. Fraternity House
227. Thing Between A Girls Leg228. Nude Painting
229. Sentence With Word 'sex And Love'230. Blowjob
231. Nurse232. Bulls
233. Getting My Best Friend's Pussy234. New Shiny Watch
235. Cowpoke236. Did You Shit Your Pants?
237. 100 Bucks For Sex238. Squirrel Check
239. Fujifoo240. The Wedding
241. Not Cocked242. Judge
243. Blonde244. Who Came First?
245. Warm Beer246. Name
247. Infection248. Talking About Daughters
249. One Piece250. Parking A Truck In Garage
251. Ask For A Dance252. Old Age Sex
253. Conversation In A Bar254. Cold And Chilly
255. Blowjob256. Could We Make Love
257. Nuns258. Good Can Of Corn
259. Masturbating260. Machines
261. Long Dick262. Old Timer Sex
263. Farm Girl Birth Control264. Topical Lovemaking Aid
265. Ending It All266. Human Reproduction
267. Religious Conversion268. Admission For Heaven
269. Splblblblbt270. Six Black Hens
271. Hermaphrodite272. Dumbass
273. Whorehouse274. Charge For Sex
275. Sexy Timepiece276. Short Of Cash
277. Professions278. Test
279. Hooker280. Man Of The House
281. Phamacist282. Consoling
283. Fifty-dollar Bet284. Bozo's Big Beautiful Ass
285. A Day At The Courts286. Good Sex Life
287. Feel Good But Smell Awful288. Perfect For Each Other
289. Necklace290. Condom Factory
291. Minimum292. The Attorney
293. Radio294. Multi Flavoured Condoms
295. Who Is Great?296. Young Bride
297. Sex298. Visited Prostitutes
299. New Job300. Meanings Of Words
301. Gift302. Do You Know????
303. Addiction To Cigars304. Anywhere Anytime
305. Bachelorhood306. Big Mistake
307. Convent Girl308. Big-busted Organist
309. Beautiful310. Chinese Couple
311. Lettuce312. Salesman
313. Sex On First Date314. Quit Smoking
315. Fat316. Sex Boutique
317. Bad Knees318. Sex Teach
319. Emblem320. Give Up Sex
321. Vagina322. One Wish
323. Stark Naked324. An Irish Fight
325. Bubba's Women326. Frog
327. Chest Of Love328. Tarzan
329. Sex Object330. Different Emotions
331. Pubic Hair332. Las Vegas Vacations
333. Spendthrift Wife334. Married In 80's
335. Bad, Bad, Bad336. Beat The Excuse
337. After Making Love338. Mental Institution
339. Sexually Harassed340. Hooker
341. Difference342. Fuck Him
343. Little Johnny344. Nurse
345. Young Scotsman346. Johnny Walker
347. Virgin348. Late
349. Sex On First Date350. Rare Disease
351. Tattoo!!!352. Urinal Performing
353. Pee354. Penut
355. Shorties356. Win
357. Amazing Navy Chief358. The Cross-eyed Cow
359. Bologna Sandwich360. New Secretary
361. How To Make Bigger Boobs362. Lawyers
363. Magic Lamp364. Used Car
365. First Grade366. Hot Weekend
367. Playing Doctor368. City Guy And Hillbilly Girl
369. Reward370. Fulfill Sexual Expectations
371. Late For School372. Big Butt
373. Complaint374. Superman
375. Pebbles376. Litle Paper Bag
377. Survey378. Erection
379. Condoms380. Nurse
381. Smart Newborn382. Vaginas
383. Gunslinger & Prospector384. Axe??
385. Stingy Thingy386. Fillings??
387. Crisco!!!388. Save It
389. Small Penis390. Ole The Assistant Doctor
391. Treatment392. Sex Starved Sailors
393. Brothel394. Plink-plink-plink
395. Peacock396. Butt Dust
397. Blank Out398. Dentist Visit
399. Natural Feel400. First Contact
401. The Talent Agent402. Stomach Ache
403. Trouble With Rectum404. Sexy Duck
405. Scottish Couple406. Little Johnny
407. Prince Andrew And Fergie408. Long Penis
409. A Friend Is Like A Good Bra...410. Occupation
411. Shorty412. World War Iii Is Coming!!!
413. Ole And Sven414. Government Job
415. Intended Grandchild416. Tantalizing Santa
417. Christmas In Heaven418. The Gas Station Contest
419. Fart420. The Tax Collecter And The Priest
421. Did Santa Bring422. Serve Naked
423. His Wife's Grave!424. Dick Covered With Hair
425. How Often426. Man Quickies
427. Impotent428. At The Morgue
429. Retired430. Tiny Organ
431. Bet432. Nippleless
433. Dreams434. An Odd Request
435. Sex Lives436. Thirty Times In A Row
437. In A Pig's Ass438. Banta In The Bar
439. Dirty Words440. Virgin In Heaven
441. Michigan442. Five Hundred Dollars!!
443. Testicles444. Marriage Counselor
445. The Danny Boy446. Pick-up
447. Dictionary By Sex448. Eyes Of A Juggler
449. Understanding450. Onions And Christmas Tree
451. The Penis Ads452. Virgin
453. Viagra Quarter454. Serious Disease
455. Not Your Day456. Five Fingers
457. Beeped458. Chinese Laundry
459. Sex And Corned Beef Sandwich460. Missing Penis
461. Go Home, You're Drunk462. Vagina???
463. Hotties464. Vocal Cords
465. Piston Broke466. Two Aliens
467. The Vampire Bat468. Bad Smell
469. Two Lawyers At Island470. Dead Priests
471. Tell The Truth472. Renovations
473. Peer Pressure474. Don't Use Filthy Language
475. Smallpox476. One Bad Nun
477. Awful Language478. Supersex
479. Good Way For Wishing480. A Boy And Priest
481. Cheating Wife482. Christmas Party
483. Years For Sex Life484. Special Fetish
485. Stranded In The Desert486. In Wedding Night
487. Camel & Elephant488. Skeptic Sex
489. Five Senses490. Pumpkin Patch
491. Comfortable Position492. Bad Habit
493. Action494. Long Penis
495. Why Men Marry A Virgin496. Bride Of Frankenstein
497. Nationality498. Involuntary Muscular Contractions
499. The Golf Lesson500. Best Sex
501. Sexless Murder502. In Wedding Chamber
503. Have Another Baby504. Controlling Population
505. Herpes506. Balls
507. Surprising508. Sex Life
509. The Perfect Scan510. Two Whales
511. Making Sandwiches512. Old Age Sex
513. Construction Crew514. The Worst Men
515. Bet516. Tattoo
517. Shit518. Bubba Enjoyed Two
519. Thirty More Erections520. Mirror Magic
521. Snooping Neighbours522. Hair From An Ass
523. Shameless Doctors524. Bob
525. Promise526. On Two Conditions
527. What Is Love?528. No Screwing
529. Priest Substitute530. Old Saying
531. Naughty Child532. Poor Folk
533. At The Catholic Church534. Blow Job Revenge
535. Against You536. Learning At School
537. Co-incidence538. Fffffffffrrriiddaayy
539. Operate540. Viagra In The Coffee
541. We Could Get Rid....542. Beep Beep
543. Dirty Robbers544. The Preacher's Donkey
545. Menial But Pleasant546. At Catholic School
547. The Mommy And Daddy Game548. Harem
549. Wedding Night550. Son Of A Bitch!
551. Wy552. The Ladies At Lunch
553. Magic Show554. The Jerking Act
555. Nightstick556. Too Excited
557. Good Girl Vs Bad Girls558. Cover Your......
559. Bastards560. At Mental Hospital
561. Mutual Orgasm562. Marriage Conditions
563. Three Girls Tonight564. Long Penis
565. Airplane Quickie566. Measures
567. How To Control From Pee568. Dynamites
569. Spicy Queries570. Spicy Shorties I
571. Oh My God572. Two Drunks
573. New Prescription574. Test Forsspiritual Purity
575. Halloween Party576. Wager
577. Circumcised578. Raisin Bread
579. Foreign Legion580. Mother Nature
581. Bragging About Sex582. Watching And Munching
583. Insecticide584. Just Like That
585. New Equipment586. The Young Nun
587. One Wish588. Senior Sex
589. Face-lift590. Three Wishes
591. Sexual Survey592. The Fence
593. Daddy Long Legs594. Date
595. Ribbon Magic596. New Bride
597. Bragging598. Condom With Name
599. Hoodlums600. Yellatio
601. Old Lady602. Bankruptcy
603. Erection604. The Photo History
605. Old Men Can Still Think Fast606. Kill Wife
607. Good Girl608. Rate For Blow Job
609. Security Officer610. Backing Up
611. Burning Kiss612. Smart Ass Johnny
613. Back614. Love Dress
615. Fucking Nuts616. Intercourse
617. Big Names618. English Lessons
619. The Rural Pub620. Sex Monotonous
621. Sex Drive622. Big Boobs
623. Home For Lunch624. Blow Job
625. Unzip626. Request By Penis
627. Penis Like A Peanut628. Too Much?
629. A Camel Size630. Honeymoon
631. Blonde Reply632. Look In The Mirror
633. The Gynecologist634. New Bra
635. Wonder Bra636. Divorce Attorney
637. Johnny Fuckhauer638. Sex Therapist
639. Halloween Party640. New Job
641. Hearing Problem642. Pancakes
643. Lost Interest644. Jew In Whorehouse
645. The Test646. Sunbathing
647. Nurse648. Cracked Consolation
649. Animal Magic650. Under The Table
651. Cost652. The Outback Way
653. Lower Mouth654. Sleeping With Patient
655. Male Conquests656. Boy And Girl
657. Recipe For Chicken Cake658. Bra Sizes
659. Baseball Definitions . . . .660. The New Arm
661. Outhouse Remedy662. Useless
663. Missed Deadline664. You Finish
665. Routine666. Overload
667. Oral Sex668. Future Sister-in-law
669. Cowboy670. Fun In The Barn
671. Cheque For Sex672. Anger Management
673. Old Fashioned Ideas Of Marriage674. Huge Mexican
675. No Sex For A Month!676. Medical Exam
677. Shorties678. Hermaphrodite
679. The Parrot680. No Grey Hairs In Pubes
681. Foreplay682. Thingie
683. The Smoker, The Alcoholic And The ..684. Going Home
685. Captain Speaking686. Letiuce Leaf
687. Prescription688. Bargain
689. Army Nurse690. Psalm 129
691. Mad692. Gray Hairs
693. First Trick694. Think Before Compliment
695. Negligible Growth696. The Valentines Day
697. 50th Anniversary698. 500 Dollors
699. Me Too700. Massage
701. Sex After Death702. Coldest Igloo
703. The Telepathic Watch704. Help For Boyfriend
705. Homesick706. Ten Cents Worth
707. Americanised708. Statue Of Naked Man
709. Rick Venus710. Hard Headed
711. Leaving Work Early712. Horse Country
713. My Man Never Wrong714. Penis
715. Lawn Of Ill Repute716. Laundry
717. Catholic Girls School718. Doctors Notes On Hospital Charts
719. New Secretary720. At Whore House
721. Large Women Fetish722. Just See The Dog
723. Trip To Saudi Arabia724. Picture Of A Penis
725. Two Naughty Bums726. Last Try
727. The Unbearable Situation728. Wrong Approach
729. Design A Pussy730. What Is Your Father Doing?
731. Expect For $10732. Life After Death
733. Deadly Blow Job734. Refreshments
735. Loudeat Scream736. Vagina Lips
737. Edge Off Appetite738. Not Again
739. Similarity740. Breakfast
741. The 100742. Love Dress
743. Size Difference744. Rate For Blowjob
745. The Smooth Finish746. Re-booking
747. Good Idea748. Beware Of Keyhole
749. Three Mice In Bar750. The Small Lacey Knickers
751. Symptom Of Aids752. How To Get New Watch
753. Irishman & The Devil754. 12 Inches Long
755. Homosexual Flight Attendant756. Checking For Bees
757. Indecent Exposure758. The House Builder
759. Hurting Thing760. Partition
761. Homesick762. Virge
763. Ten Commandments764. Schedule For Sex
765. Co-incidence766. Asshole
767. Sperm Bank768. Cute Angina
769. Go Ahead770. At Cocoa Beach
771. Which Penis Do You Have?772. Nasty Mistake
773. Kiss Has Calcium774. The Whys Of Men..
775. Women Over 30776. Improve Your Gk
777. Standing Alone778. The Circle Means...
779. The Hanging Clock780. Car Accident
781. Infamous Stud782. The Stolen Thing
783. Starter Pistol784. A Slot Machine
785. Losing Temper786. Blow Job's Revenge
787. Impotent788. Birthday Gift
789. Check For Squirrels790. Pure Wife
791. The Escaped Convict792. Sheep
793. Colonoscopies794. Deal
795. Complain796. Research
797. Vocal798. Housework
799. Partner Swapping800. Rehabilitation Meeting
801. Not Again802. Young Boy
803. The Winners804. Reply To A Matrimonial Ad
805. Hot At 90806. Marriage Counsellor
807. Shipwrecked808. Sex Drive
809. Circumcised810. Pet My Pussy
811. West Belfast Style812. Clean Pussy
813. No, No, Yes814. Holy Soap
815. The Divorce Letter816. Lesbian
817. Cricket Vs Hook818. Whore House
819. Try With Care820. Bathroom
821. The Important One822. Three Knots
823. Ouch And Double Ouch824. Dirty Rat
825. Ex-girlfriend826. Dictionary
827. Key To Heaven828. Oriental
829. The Right Size830. Beer And Scratchcards
831. Manhood832. Be Home
833. Natural Problem834. Social Security Sex
835. The Poor Guy836. Wanna Buy Some?
837. The Dart Team838. Smart Sex
839. Groaner840. Routine
841. The Pig842. Climbing Poles
843. The Terrible Question844. Asphalt
845. Big Question846. Advisor's Name
847. Close Enough848. Hinge
849. Jewelery850. Can Beat That
851. Cocktail852. The Message Instrument
853. For $20854. Charge For Sex
855. Breast Feeding856. Best Feature
857. Brownest Balls858. Right Dress
859. Bet On People860. Treatment With Fruits
861. Wrong Thought862. Involuntary Muscularcontractions
863. Adam864. Lesbian
865. Hijacker866. New Bride
867. Mexican Wedding868. Fancy Dress Party
869. Like Glove870. First Date
871. So.. You Finish?872. Jewish Mother
873. Size Of Member874. Twist
875. Hot Matter876. Died From Seenus
877. Nude Run878. Message From Newly Wed Daughters
879. Silly Conversation880. First Speaking Punishment
881. 123882. Ager Factor
883. Toilet Paper884. Three Worst Chinese Tortures
885. Stupid Wives886. The Hidden Machines
887. Nude Outside Window!888. Magic Moments
889. Cojones890. The Happy Baby
891. Help892. Sandal Power
893. Mabel894. After The Heart Transplant
895. School Playground896. Perfect Groom
897. Top Twenty Signs She Is Getting Bo..898. Leg's Conversations
899. Stolen Car900. The Water Melon
901. Judge's Query902. Condom
903. Marriage Contract904. Prisoner
905. Button Mystery906. New Types Of Orgasms
907. Last Night908. Surgery
909. The Privates910. Nick The Dragon Slayer
911. Young William912. The Window Cleaner
913. Unable To Satisfy914. Condoms...
915. Two Widows916. Did You Know?
917. The Mouse918. That's Happiness
919. Candles920. Horny Lesbians
921. Answers We've Always Needed To Know922. Confession
923. Weird Thing924. Out Of Proportion
925. Cat Chases A Mouse And Dog926. Women Prefer Baldies
927. Study928. Juvenile Fancy
929. Exempt Mom930. Sexless Romance
931. California Today932. Business Trip To Pleasure
933. Telegraph Gone Haywire934. Finite Remedy Of Happiness
935. Perilous Food936. Location Of Heart
937. Ears938. Three Guys Are Discussing Women...
939. Quiz Show940. Annulment
941. Apples942. The Indian Chief's Problem
943. The Only One944. Viagra (one More Use)
945. New Procedure Of Facelift946. 6Th Floor
947. A 90-year Old Man948. Two Old Drunks
949. Little Johnny In Court950. Dad In Nursing Home
951. Two Gugs In Court952. A Rooster And A Cat
953. Pickle Slicer954. Two Elderly Gentlemen
955. Feet Go To Heaven First956. The Dentist
957. The Difference Between Women With ..958. Fooling A Drug Man
959. Cricketer And Condom960. Can't Hold For A Minute
961. Different People, Different Needs962. Fire Arms
963. Fat Head964. Oooooh La La
965. Opportunity Of Life966. Top Ten Rejected Valentines Day Ca..
967. Experiment968. Typical Situation
969. Names970. Triplets Resolve
971. Safe Sex972. Rubber
973. List Of Possible Slogans Promoting..974. Speech
975. Difference976. Proper Manners
977. Too Expensive978. Tomatoes
979. Three Gay Men980. Life
981. Payday982. Old Times For Old Ladies
983. Re-filling984. Girls Reaction
985. Vibrator986. Oral Sex
987. Bad Stomach988. Undergarment
989. Solution For Baldness990. Stuttering Problem
991. Broom992. Elephant And Camel
993. Cricket Comentator994. Sex With A Ghost
995. Loyalty996. Day Out
997. Viagra Pills998. 3 Nuns
999. Black Testicles1000. Friends
1001. Bra Sizes1002. Dress Safety
1003. Big Food1004. Top 5 Viagra Slogans
1005. Five Reasons Not To Be A Penis1006. The Smart Ass
1007. Grow Hair1008. Tid-bits
1009. A Prostitute's Nursery Rhyme1010. Spending Too Much Time Online
1011. Undress1012. Hissing Sound
1013. Professions1014. Army Sergeant Major
1015. Sex Techniques...1016. Daddy And Aunt Jane
1017. Bed Time Prayer For Guys1018. Biology Class
1019. The Priest & His Cock1020. In Search Of A Bra
1021. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly1022. Chicken Sandwiches
1023. Supermodels - Where's The Runway1024. Get Gas And Free Sex
1025. Breasts Problem1026. Three European Buddies
1027. Revolver Or Watch1028. The Magic Sandals
1029. Family Planning1030. Dual Exhaust
1031. Religion1032. I Love You
1033. Fair Compensation1034. The New Reporter
1035. Prostitute Surgery1036. Human Tastes
1037. Types Of...1038. Mint
1039. What People Say (based On There Su..1040. Dirty Sms Jokes
1041. The Substitute1042. Proper Dosage Of Viagra
1043. Sex On A Beach1044. Hot Sister - A True Story!
1045. Nun-sense1046. Advertisment
1047. Tid-bits1048. Happy Couple
1049. Failure1050. World Class Definitions
1051. The Husband1052. The Nudist Colony
1053. Sex Maniac1054. Success
1055. Why Is Sex Like Riding A Bike?1056. Medical Report
1057. In The Class1058. How To Use Prepaid Sex?
1059. Choice1060. Gynaecology Conference
1061. Top 20 Ways To Tell Someone Their ..1062. Fountain Of Youth
1063. The Pope's Illness1064. One Hour...
1065. Marvellous Machines1066. The Honeymoon Advice
1067. Identify That Sex1068. Good, Bad, Worse
1069. Helping Her Satisfaction1070. Vaseline
1071. Summer Vaccation1072. The Penis Experiment
1073. Pregnant Women's Compartment1074. Pet Squirrel
1075. Divorce Couple1076. The Eight Qualities Of A Perfect H..
1077. Perfect Penis1078. Snow In Goa
1079. Maids And Peckers1080. Red Ring
1081. Broken Glasses1082. Final Exam
1083. Cycle And Girl1084. Musical Notes
1085. 13th Hole1086. Super Deluxe Model
1087. Fastest Camel1088. Forgotten
1089. Busy Road1090. Don't Screw Up
1091. The Gift1092. Tid Bits
1093. Male Escort1094. Little Soldier
1095. Which Of Them Can Have Sex The Mos..1096. Open Wide
1097. Tyre Mechanic1098. Deaf Mute
1099. Chilled Ass1100. 90 Cents
1101. Correct Answer Either Way1102. Fancy Dress Party
1103. Car Salesman1104. Consumption
1105. Shopping1106. 3 Questions
1107. Almost Married1108. Hurricane Gussy
1109. Kerry1110. Dating An Intellectual
1111. Intelligent House Of Prostitution1112. Desparate For Sex
1113. Wife Caught Cheating1114. Headache
1115. Large Breast Philosophy Of Life1116. Hillbilly Newlyweds
1117. Boobs1118. Judging The Size
1119. Hair On Chest1120. New Drink
1121. Adventures Of Jack & Jill1122. Insurance Company Slogans
1123. The Dirty Old Man1124. A New Generation Poetry
1125. Changing Underwear1126. Black Hair
1127. Financial Problem1128. Street Hooker
1129. Bad At Sex Education1130. Party Girl
1131. Chinese Couple1132. Service Charge
1133. An Italian Man Visits New York1134. Nasty Business Of The Day
1135. The Company Christmas Party1136. Wrong Collar
1137. Condom 'n' Govt1138. The Vodka Crazy
1139. V.d.1140. Snacks
1141. Brains1142. Dr. Biology How Do We Have Babies
1143. The Whole Thing1144. Camping
1145. Extra Large Condoms1146. The Brave Soilder
1147. Three Grown Men1148. First Time With A Condom!
1149. Gods Mistake1150. Spiritualism And Reincarnation
1151. Tricycle1152. The Great Wrestler
1153. The Creation Of Pussy1154. The New Penis Tax!
1155. Something Borrowed, Something Blew1156. Heights
1157. The Lion Tamer1158. Farmers Daughter
1159. Wild Sex1160. Making Of A Puppy
1161. Men's "F" Rules1162. Little Billy
1163. Borthel Parrot1164. Emergency Brake
1165. Hand Jobs & Cheese!1166. Purification
1167. Where Do Babies Come From?1168. God And Adam
1169. Birthday Cake1170. Man With A Half Tounge
1171. Filmi Names Of Penis.1172. Sexual Habits
1173. Mourning1174. Girl To Girl Talks
1175. Grocery Store1176. 10 Qualities Of A Perfect Girl Fri..
1177. In The Men's Department At Bloomin..1178. Five Per No
1179. Grand Fatherly1180. Father Unknown
1181. Some Protection1182. $20 Under The Door
1183. Growing.....1184. Martian Love
1185. Convict On The Loose1186. At The Counselor's Office
1187. Little Johnny Again1188. Doing The Dishes
1189. Communication Breakdown1190. Hypothetically Speaking
1191. Take Careful Aim1192. I Think We're Alone Now
1193. Fixing My Truck1194. An Excellent Costume Party Idea
1195. Big Sisters In Trouble Now1196. Desperate Measures
1197. How Dirty Is Your Mind?1198. The Mailman's Retirement
1199. We Really Can't Win1200. Still Up In Bed
1201. Hey Doc!1202. Business Man And The Cabbie
1203. Admiring Our Own Work1204. Wish Fulfillment
1205. Take Your Choice1206. Secret Dietary Tips
1207. I'll Take The 12 Pack1208. Construction Site Sign Language
1209. A Distinct Lack Of Imagination1210. Tattoo Parlor
1211. One Big Dude1212. It Was Just A Bug
1213. Hitman1214. Condom Slogans
1215. Another Failed Attempt1216. An Opportunist's Tale
1217. An Accidental Encounter1218. Vengeance Is Mines
1219. Father Son Naughty Conversation1220. Ode To A Penis
1221. Specialty1222. Screwed Her Thrice
1223. With The Prostitute1224. Big Dick Contest
1225. Rejected Hallmark Greeting Cards1226. One Thing Led To Another
1227. Sex Positions1228. Where Shall I Put The Thermometer?
1229. Way To Get Free Drinks1230. Fart During Sex
1231. Sex At Last, Alas!1232. Penis Growing Out Of Forehead
1233. Caught By Kid While Having Sex1234. You Wanna Wank
1235. Trying Prostitution1236. Like Mom Like Daughter, Faking Vir..
1237. Can I Smell Your Pussy1238. Old Aged Virgin
1239. Best Shagging At 501240. Complements
1241. Rabbi At The Whorehouse1242. Bra Sizes Interpreted
1243. Preacher's Ass1244. Keeping Doc's Words
1245. Strange Case Of Testicles1246. Our Baby Just Swallowed A Condom
1247. Need For Condoms1248. Use For Vaseline
1249. Acute Angina1250. 100 Dollars For A Tit View
1251. Hooker's Price1252. Scaring The Guys Off
1253. Betting1254. Stroking
1255. Rent For Apartment1256. Put Your Hands Between Your Legs
1257. Moaning The Japanese Style1258. Breast Fed
1259. Little Mary's Dirty Mind1260. My Wife Having Sex With My Best Fr..
1261. How Is Sex Like Riding A Bicycle?1262. New Boots
1263. A Bit Natural Description1264. Something Squeezes My Balls
1265. Horn Playing Lover1266. Son, Did You Jump
1267. Viagra1268. Get Something Off My Chest
1269. Gay Guy Needs Hairs1270. Woman's Panty
1271. Sniffing Her Down Below1272. Biggest And Darkest
1273. Window Peeking1274. Hungry Japs
1275. Quick Sex On A Sunday Afternoon1276. Kinds Of Shit
1277. Hired A Hooker1278. Kissing Her Down There
1279. Unzipping1280. Female Blonde Painter
1281. $10,000 Dollars1282. Newton's 4th Law
1283. Flying To Europe1284. Pay Check
1285. Two Women Go Hiking1286. 10,000 For Kissing Those Boobs
1287. Fence1288. Path To Heaven
1289. The Intruder1290. Be Nice To Your Nurse !!
1291. The Nuns1292. Pussy Money
1293. The Naughty Doctor1294. Pinocchio Satisfied
1295. Power Of Smelling1296. No Refund
1297. Tale Of 2 Sisters1298. Big One
1299. Do It Myself1300. Lotto Ticket
1301. Tit For Tat1302. What You Do Best
1303. Kangaroooooo1304. Where Do Babies Come From
1305. How Many Times1306. Small Difference In Geographical L..
1307. Faking Virgin1308. Sperm Donor
1309. Virgin At 911310. A Frustrated Woman
1311. Leave A Quart Pls1312. What I Learned About Women From Re..
1313. What A Drink1314. Dirty Bastards Association
1315. Double Barrel1316. Preacher
1317. On Grass1318. How To Take A Shit!
1319. Mother's Milk1320. Screw The Mailman
1321. Sex Frogs1322. Nun & Priest
1323. Bigger The Dumber1324. Cut Off Finger
1325. Smell Your Pussy1326. Gender Difference
1327. Get Filthy To A Barmaid

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A crowded Virgin flight was cancelled after Virgin's 767s had been withdrawn from service. A single attendant was rebooking a long line of inconvenienced travelers. Suddenly an angry passenger pushed his way to the desk. He slapped his ticket down on the counter and said, 'I HAVE to be on this flight and it HAS to be FIRST CLASS'.

The attendant replied, 'I'm sorry, sir. I'll be happy to try to help you, but I've got to help these people first, and I'm sure we'll be able to work something out.'

The passenger was unimpressed. He asked loudly, so that the passengers behind him could hear, 'DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM?'

Without hesitating, the attendant smiled and grabbed her public address microphone: 'May I have your attention please, may I have your attention pl ..
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