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1. Saints2. Different Families
3. Leave Wife At Home4. Funny Bumper Stickers
5. Smart Answers6. Wonderful Coffee
7. True Meanings8. Bachelor
9. Funny Facts10. Idea Of Honestly
11. Same Reason12. At Once
13. Once Upon A Time14. Retirees: The Whole Truth, Nothing..
15. Yoga Vs Drinking16. Kiss
17. Logic......18. Top Eight Things You'll Never Hear..
19. Men Are Nike...........20. Insurance Joke
21. Men Vs. Women22. 15 Pieces Of Advice For Woman
23. Shorties24. Man And Woman
25. Don't Marry Software Girl26. How A Son/ Daughter Thinks Of His ..
27. For The Kids28. For The Kids...
29. For The Kids...30. For The Kids...
31. Quickies32. Difference Between Guts And Balls
33. How To Identify Blondes34. Love Vs Marriage
35. Twelve Of The Most Terrifying Thin..36. Old Is When...
37. Statement Vs True Meaning38. Good * Bad * Worse
39. Plz Don't Laugh!!40. For The Kids
41. Sampling Of Real Answers42. Girl Always Right
43. Friend Vs Best Friend44. Why It Happens?
45. Top 10 Habits Of An Infosys Girl46. My Philosophy Of House Cleaning!
47. From The Bible48. A Normal Person Vs A Gre Student
49. Men Are Like?50. 26 Reasons Why Men Have 2 Dogs And..
51. Nine Important Men In A Woman's Life52. 30 Harsh Things A Woman Can Say To..
53. Universal Replies54. Short Punch
55. Full Forms56. Test Your Intelligence
57. Humor For Matureds58. Height Of Everything!
59. Easy ....... Difficult60. Do Or Don't
61. Woman's Dictionary62. Signs
63. Just 15 Years Ago!!!64. The Difference Between Men And Guys
65. 31 Interesting Tips About Girlz66. Why, Why, Why
67. Three Things In Life68. Things You Will Never Hear A Man Say
69. Ten Signs Of A Frustrated Mother70. Measuring Success
71. Dictionary For Decoding Women's Pe..72. 7 Reasons Not To Mess With A Child
73. How Top Tell That You Have A Bad L..74. Top 13 Ways To Get Better Luck!
75. 25 Signs You Have Grown Up76. Diet Misconceptions
77. Facts78. Exams
79. Tips For A Happy Marriage!!!80. Discoveries That Men And Women Made
81. Punch82. Things Mom Would Never Say!
83. A Short History Of Medicine84. Height Of
85. 21st Century...86. Love....
87. Total Signs Of Flirting88. Romantic Sms
89. Ladies Please Forgive If Anything ..90. Difference
91. Driving Styles92. How To Identify Cities In India
93. Laws Of The Natural Universe94. The Bravest Man
95. Know About Irishman96. Hurricanes
97. Easy Humor98. Girls Psychology !!!
99. Small Goodies100. Zodiac And Their Way Of Kisses
101. Cats And Teenagers102. Top Ten Signs You Have A Bad Compu..
103. Witch Jokes104. Some Important Laws... Newton Forg..
105. Gambling106. Did You See
107. The Hollywood Squares108. For Your Good Health...
109. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly110. Stupid Questions With Smart Answers
111. Classic Definitions & Cool Meanings112. Laws Of Work
113. Before And After Marriage114. Without A Girlfriend
115. Chain Letters116. Quickie
117. Short Stories118. Sexy Short Stories
119. Employee's Ten Comandments120. Laws On Sex
121. Ways To Turn Men Down122. Cooking
123. The Difference124. Real Laughters
125. Attractive Business Signs126. The Rules Of Bedroom Golf
127. Some Things To Offend128. Tricky Points
129. Marriage130. Top 10 Signs You're Too Old To Tri..
131. The Top 10 Ways To Annoy People

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Long back, a person who sacrificed his sleep, forgot his family, forgot his food, Forgot laughter were called "Saints",

But now they are called.. "IT professionals"
Added on 11-05-2009