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Religious Jokes
1. Christmas Banner2. Ark
3. Jesus And Moses4. Groom's Family
5. Job Prospects6. Church
7. Minister8. Paddy's Wood
9. Preacher10. Beggars
11. Martinis12. Mother Teresa And God
13. A Woman Pastor? Never!14. Which Is More Precious And Valuable
15. New Priest16. Minister's Prayer
17. The Spoons18. Driving With The Lord
19. How Preacher Cry?20. Post Office
21. A Divine Right22. Church
23. Angel24. Church Sermon
25. Subject Of Liars26. Prison Quartet
27. Hr People28. Every Member
29. I Can't Hear You !30. Becoming A Member
31. Rivalry32. Resurrection Of Jesus
33. Fool34. Battle Golf
35. Prayer36. Sunday Clothes
37. Jesus38. The Cross
39. Proof40. Who Is More Important!
41. Tour Of Heaven42. Thinking
43. Union Worker44. Bubba Becomes A Catholic
45. Boys Will Be Boys46. An Enlightening Sermon
47. Sign48. Hiding From The Enemy
49. Sense Of Humor50. Church Offering
51. The Truth Will Set You Free52. Dirt
53. Lucky John54. The Sin Of Lying
55. White Angel With Wings56. Baptism
57. Weekly Collection58. Different Weather
59. Entrance Exam60. Because She Is Special!
61. Miser62. Gonorrhea
63. Bicycle64. A Priest And A Bus Driver
65. Pray To God66. Death
67. Because You Are Not A Monk!!!!68. Visiting The Sick
69. Heaven70. Pope At Las Vegas
71. Arthritis72. God's Judgement
73. Hell74. God Is Great
75. Who Took The Chickens76. Florist Friars
77. The Busy God78. Two Priests
79. The Old Cowboy80. Earning
81. The Dead Mule82. Difference In Heaven And Hell
83. Judgement84. Hide-n-seek Game
85. Bad Language86. A Prayer In The Woods
87. Texas Preacher88. Symbolize Christmas
89. Holy Water90. Holy Shit
91. Bible92. Preacher
93. Confessional Etiquette94. Dof Editor
95. Dilemma Solved96. Long Sermon
97. For Bible Class98. Seven Dwarfs In Rome
99. Heavenly Justice100. Pencil
101. Following The Crowd102. Wonder
103. Time To Pray104. Untimely Answered Prayer
105. Hunting106. Dopey And The Dwarf Nun !!!!
107. Try To Explain Women108. Punishment
109. Big Ad Account110. Leave Choir
111. Sh*t, I Missed112. Is God Exit?
113. For The Sick114. Indian Hell
115. Important Business Deal116. Phone Call
117. Penalty Box118. How They Died?
119. Satan And The Old Man120. Future Plan
121. Habit122. Baptism
123. Lord And The Biker124. Free Will
125. Service126. Bats
127. Careful When You Wish128. Celebrate
129. Habit130. First Time In Church
131. Noah And The Ark132. First Day
133. The Painter134. A Fruitful Confession
135. Replacement136. Re-enactment
137. The Day After Easter138. Don't
139. Similar Position140. Best Service
141. Different Hells142. Prayers
143. Condition144. Cannibals
145. Waiting146. New Parish
147. The Golden Thimble148. Mildred, The Church Gossip
149. Painting150. Phone Calls From Hell
151. Preacher152. Pat The Irishman
153. Gifts154. Entrance Exam
155. Church Pencils156. Hell And Heaven
157. Sisters Of St. Francis House158. Miracle
159. Three Rooms160. The Cristmas Tree Angel
161. Oh God, Why Made Me Guy!162. Children's Message
163. Easter164. The Old Cowboy
165. Filling In For Saint Peter166. A Letter Of God To Women
167. Filling In For Saint Peter168. The Rock
169. Ooga Booga!!!170. Circumcise A Bear
171. Where Do Pets Come From?172. Kids In Church
173. The Golden Telephone174. Three Italian Nuns
175. Temperance176. Lord Shiva At Bar
177. Sins178. Faith
179. Blessing180. Sickening Sight
181. Praise The Lord182. Confession
183. Poorest Preacher184. Tradition
185. Mealtime Blessing186. Frustrated
187. God's Wife188. Combination Lock
189. The Long Sermon190. New Priest
191. One Flaw In Women192. Restaurant Rules
193. Bathrooms And Baptists194. Brother Martin's Hen House
195. Powerful Liquid196. News
197. God Will Save198. Staff Meeting
199. The Brothel200. Water To Wine
201. 3 Nuns202. In A Minute
203. Director In Heaven204. All For Change
205. Special Offer206. Woodcutter
207. Offering Plates208. Children's Sermon
209. Last In Line210. All Die Someday
211. Business In Hell212. For Service Ring Bell
213. Snort Sniff Honk Honk Snort214. Duck Duck Denture
215. Christmas Gift216. Church
217. Children's Message218. Telephone
219. Orientation In Heaven220. The Last Wish
221. Fit For Party222. Genesis
223. Get Into Heaven224. Three Sinners
225. Punishment226. Faith
227. God's Vacation228. Reason To Pray
229. Pope Died230. The Christmas Pageant
231. Driving Pope232. Blind Man
233. Why Go To Church?234. The Lord's Prayer
235. Parking Place236. What Denomination?
237. Have Faith238. Dead Mule
239. Email To Santa240. God Missing
241. World War Ii242. A Thought For Christmas
243. Man-making Contest244. Great Water
245. Brandy246. Three Wishes
247. Sharing Nuts248. Die Like Jesus
249. Nun In Hooters250. Lost Hat
251. What Would Jesus Do?252. Halloween
253. Christmas Presents254. Nearsighted
255. Gambling256. Empty
257. Christmas Present258. Go To Hell
259. Confession260. The Cab Driver And Nun
261. Freudian Slip262. Crossing A River
263. The Preacher And The Dog264. The Biggest Woman
265. Heaven266. Prayers
267. Death268. Marriage Scarier Than Hell
269. Jewish Rabbi And A Catholic Priest270. Pre-marital Questions
271. Eulogy Of Seamus O'malley272. Murphy's Death
273. Men In Heaven274. The Texas Preacher
275. Bibles Sale276. In The Confessional
277. Damn Candle278. Prayer
279. Adam Follows The Lord280. Power Of Prayer
281. The Service282. Finance For Construction
283. Church Lesson284. Definition Of Bible
285. Plan For Long Trip286. Good Morning
287. Bible Mailing288. 50 Fun Things For Non-christians T..
289. Question And Answer About Christmas290. The Great Debate
291. Sunday Morning292. Be Thankful
293. One Dollar Bill294. Little Girls Prayers
295. Religious Superiority296. Miss-understood
297. Brewing Coffee Each Morning298. Take My Body
299. Preacher At The Pearly Gates300. Hypocrites
301. Not A Virgin Any More302. Parking Lot
303. An Old Gent304. Politics Of Grandpa
305. Peanuts306. Marriage In Heaven
307. Two Priests308. A Doctor, A Nurse, And An Hmo
309. Texan And The Devil310. Pinocchio
311. Help From Above312. Two Nuns
313. Plaster314. Praying
315. Haircut316. Talmud Student
317. An Army Chaplain318. The Church Plaque
319. Church Bloopers320. Small Boy And The Doorbell
321. So This Is What Heaven Is Like?322. Nuns
323. Thou Shalt Not Steal324. Sister Margaret
325. Forrest Gump Goes To Heaven326. Nun Decorators
327. Act Of God328. Typical Jim
329. The Affair330. Lenten Humor
331. The New Priest332. Stud
333. First Burial Service334. The Racetrack
335. Liars336. The Collection
337. Children's Sermon338. Lost In The Desert
339. Italian Confession340. Children And The Bible
341. Cat Goes To Heaven342. Heaven
343. The Young Doctor344. Dividing Nuts
345. Pet Rooster346. All In The Family
347. Letter From Grandma348. Hellish Cold
349. Seymour Goes To Heaven350. Four Catholic Ladies
351. Goodbye352. Vanity Insanity
353. It's In The Bible354. Holy Mistakes
355. Kkk356. Where Is Jesus?
357. If Only You Had Looked358. Pearly Gates
359. The Nun's Secret360. Darla's Doctors Visit
361. Three Nuns362. The Preachers Widow
363. Satan364. High Priced Mule
365. The Confessional366. The Irish Brothel
367. The Sin Of Lying368. The Young Priest
369. Mischievous Boys370. Dearly Departed
371. God The Computer Programmer372. Sunday School
373. The Wall Of Life374. The Confession Session
375. God's Email376. In The Closet
377. It's A Monk's Life378. Sinner
379. Evil Brothers380. Married Man's Confession
381. The New Bicycle382. The Missionary
383. In The Beginning384. The Tate Family
385. Priests On Vacation386. Hospital Stay
387. The Grieving Wife388. The Pope Visits New York
389. Letter From Grandma390. Three Doors
391. Rewiring The Convent392. The Bible Salesman
393. Desperate Businessman394. The Better Programmer
395. Adam's Rib396. Archaeological Interpretation
397. The Television Preacher398. Whales
399. Heaven's Getting Crowded400. Final Judgement
401. Oh Give Me A Home402. Clocks
403. Cremation404. Password To Heaven
405. Accounting For Lost Time406. Heavenly
407. Blessed Barber408. Garden Of Eden
409. Atheist410. Baptism
411. Engineering In Hell412. Head Hog At The Trough
413. Code Word414. Pastor John Fuzz
415. Preacher416. Lord Will Save
417. Shark Fishing418. Baptized
419. Three Hymns420. Fidel Goes To Heaven
421. Arthritis422. Man And God
423. The Statue424. A Minister, A Priest And A Rabbi
425. Baby Jesus426. Two Beggars
427. Self Improvement428. Two Lines
429. End Is Near430. They Are Finally Together
431. A Guy Goes To See The Pope432. Two Words
433. Confession434. Dentures
435. Oh, My God436. A Miracle
437. Adam And God438. Satan In Church
439. Now You Are A Fish440. Priest, Minister, And A Rabbi
441. Five Good Leads442. Profit From Mistakes
443. Two Angels Seeking Peter444. At The Pearly Gates
445. A Priest At The Local Pub446. Catholic
447. And It Was So...448. The Value Of True Faith In A Time ..
449. A Refugee450. Rev. Billy Graham
451. Celebrate452. Go To Heaven
453. Nun In A Red Mini454. Close Your Eyes
455. Virgin Maria456. Letters To A Pastor
457. Don't Step On A Duck458. Good News And Bad News

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Latest in Religious
A church was preparing for Christmas services. The pastor decided he wanted a banner made for the entryway and had a parishioner call the sign company.

The parishioner told the man on the phone the message he wanted and the dimensions needed for the entryway.

The sign came back a few days later...

"Unto Mary Jesus was born, six feet long and two feet wide."
Added on 10-07-2009