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1. First Day Of School2. Improper Speaking
3. Instructions4. Be Quiet In Church
5. Athlete6. Go To School
7. One Raw Material8. Hebrew Teacher
9. Teacher's Name10. Too Long
11. Thinking12. Railway Station
13. Oxymoron14. We Are All Free
15. Pregnant Student16. Cherokee Indian
17. Best Things About Teaching18. Fishing
19. Number Sequence Mastered20. Preacher
21. What Is This?22. Homework And Lessons
23. Psychology Program24. Singular And Plural
25. Professor26. Religious Objects
27. History28. Legal And Logical
29. Karate Class30. Going To College
31. Wildlife Zoology32. Teacher's Pet
33. Final Exam34. Anything 4 Pass
35. Fortieth Chapter36. 2 Eight Year Old Boys
37. Contagious38. Hillary Fans
39. Composition40. Bird's Name
41. Fascinate42. Right & Wrong
43. Absence44. Cheater
45. Lollypop46. Closed Fist
47. Call Me A Doctor48. Lunch
49. Hair50. Unlawful And Illegal
51. Bad Teacher52. My Dog
53. Math54. Mathematics Test
55. Sister's Date56. Put The Glass Down
57. Unremunerative Outlay Of Capital58. Why Doctor
59. Psychology Teacher60. No Homework
61. Animal Sounds62. The Rival
63. Dog's Duty64. Period Of Patience
65. Seal Of Approval66. Powerful Kings And Queens
67. How To Get An 'a' In Philosophy68. Spell Test
69. Who Created The Universe70. Gypsy Moths
71. Anger And Exasperation72. A Fly
73. Chicken74. Young Mom
75. Judge's Wish76. Potential & Reality
77. At The Ocean78. Test
79. The Catholic University80. Teacher
81. Gifts82. Field Trip
83. Class Reunion84. Fair Warning
85. Test86. Football Game
87. Storms88. Crayons
89. Infinite Wisdom90. Meat To Eat
91. Preparation Of Perfect Sauces92. Tunnels
93. What Would You Do?94. Timing
95. Philosophy96. Last Name
97. Arithmetic Problem98. What Do You Want Out Of Life?
99. Swallow A House Key100. Different Picture
101. Tense!!!!102. What Is Love?
103. Quotes104. Comfort Zone
105. Identify Age106. Test-taking Habit
107. Greatest Paradox!!!108. First Week
109. Word Calculator110. Interviewing Monica
111. Excitement112. Secret Code Names
113. Student Stages114. Buck A Point
115. Value Of Being Observant116. Water Safety Techniques
117. Top Record118. Financial Worries
119. Smart Boy120. Basic Principles Of Physics
121. Chemistry122. Essay
123. Never Mess With Children124. Economics
125. English Class126. Seminar
127. Reason For Late128. Bill For Arguing
129. Teacher Applicant130. Glass Weighs
131. Anything132. Old Professor
133. 'a' For Math134. Teacher's Mind
135. Presents For Teacher136. Teacher's Question
137. Just Graduated138. Three Things You Need To Survive
139. Captain Speaking140. Life As A Potato
141. Wet Grades142. Exist
143. Atheist144. Preaching On The Devil
145. Sentence146. Linguistics Professor
147. Winner148. Comment
149. Sex Education150. Follow Your Dream
151. English Teacher152. Visiting The Zoo
153. Be A Better Person154. Report
155. Natural History Lesson156. Homework Assignment
157. Germs158. Homework
159. Question Time160. First Day
161. About Half162. 100%
163. American164. Suspension
165. Common Sense Approach166. Brick
167. The Evils Of Marijuana168. Cpa
169. Biological Clocks170. What Sound
171. Two Fingers172. God Is Watching
173. Blood Circulation174. Group Picture
175. Drawing176. Better Pay Attention...!
177. Cure For Cancer178. The King And I
179. No Great Loss180. Silence
181. Media Writing Class182. Proverbs
183. One Difficult Question184. Figger Out
185. Drawing186. Good Samaritan
187. Lab Animal188. Changing Standards Of Beauty
189. Scottish Lad Attends Oxford190. Pre-med Student
191. Stress Management192. Just Do It
193. Going To The Bank194. Oxygen
195. Sun Or Moon196. Circulation
197. George Bush At A Primary School198. Assistance Of God
199. Eyes Water200. Abcs First
201. Three Little Pigs202. Dallas Girls School
203. What Pregnant Means?204. Ten Commandments
205. Geometry206. New Submarine Ensign
207. Emotionally Immature208. Spell Your Name
209. Chew Baby Chew210. Field Trip
211. The Dalmatian212. Drawing The Impossible
213. Nice Way Of Thinking214. A Dollar Per Point
215. Why Math Is Taught In School?216. Opinion
217. Swearing218. Lecture On Medicine
219. Snow Plowing220. Explanation
221. Chair222. Lesson For Life
223. Germs224. Clever
225. When Was Rome Built?226. Thankful
227. Comprehension228. Exams
229. Plan For Future230. Note To Parents
231. Blessing232. Jingle Jangle
233. Dog's Life234. Cool Reception
235. An Honorary Degree236. Graph
237. Navy Seal238. Peculiar Answer
239. Like Parents240. Double Negative
241. Titanic And Bill Clinton242. Cpr Course
243. Tricky Question244. Umbrella
245. Personality Test246. Smart Student
247. Shortest Story248. Sigh Of Relief
249. Different Answers250. All Have A's
251. Blood Circulation252. Thrown Out Of Class
253. Final Examination254. Ctc
255. Teach256. Injury
257. Electrical Appliance258. Great Fathers
259. Name The States260. Question-answer
261. Magic Of Bathtub262. Dangerous Rules
263. Field Trip264. Inflatable
265. Superman266. Involuntary Muscular Contractions...
267. Tense268. New Invention
269. Marks270. Ladies First
271. Beans272. Religious Objects
273. Way To Go To Heaven274. 5 Plus 4
275. Breakfast276. College Drama
277. The Pilot278. God Is An Artist
279. Love And Sex280. Crazy Times Two
281. Thinking282. Mastering History
283. The New Librarian284. Statistics Class
285. Damn Class286. Playing With The Devil
287. Name The Legs288. I Am...
289. H2O290. The Sign
291. Discovery292. The Project Sea
293. University Parking294. Etiquette
295. You Might Be A College Student296. Little Larry
297. Lipstick298. Mannequin
299. Dental Appointment300. Letter Sent By College Student To ..
301. Another Letter Sent By A College S..302. Pay Attention
303. A Psychology Course304. Concise Essay
305. Ways To Intimidate Your Professor306. Top Ten Subtle Differences Between..
307. Fun Things To Do During A Boring L..308. Linguistics Professor
309. Aspiring Psychiatrists310. Pre-med Student
311. 25 Ways To Confuse Your Professors312. You Know You're A College Student ..
313. College Habits To Bring Home314. Dorm Rules
315. How To Write A Paper316. A Rabbit's Thesis
317. A Tourists Guide318. Knowledge Pills
319. Jar Of Yellow Liquid320. Abstract Noun
321. First Day Of School322. A Puppy
323. Communicate Feelings324. Bored
325. Statue Of Venus326. Where Is Little Johnny?
327. Why Is It Necessary To Be Quiet In..328. Report Card
329. Miss America330. Numbers
331. Lesson About The Evils Of Liquor332. Most Famous Man
333. Boots334. Blatant Racial Discrimination
335. A Dead Cat336. Elementary School Counselor
337. Math Fun338. Playing House
339. Blame340. Grants

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It was the first day of school, and the elementary school teacher was establishing the fact that she'd take no nonsense from the kiddies this year. While taking the roll, she was told by one boy, "My name is Bob Fuckhauer."

Upset, the teacher said very loudly, "THERE'LL BE NONE OF THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOR IN MY CLASS THIS YEAR, now Bob; tell me your real name!"

The kid said, "No, really teacher, it is Bob Fuckhauer. You can go across the hall to fourth grade and ask my brother if you don't believe me!"

Not wanting to be subjected to that kind of thing, the teacher went across the hall and knocked on the fourth grade classroom door.

The fourth grade teacher had stepped down the hall to the front office for a moment, so she enter ..
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Added on 01-28-2010