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Tricky Jokes
1. Lady Aspirant2. Ugly Boy
3. Bank Robbers4. Playing Soldiers
5. Little Johnny6. Pet Rooster
7. Ugly Man8. Watches
9. Beautician10. First Class Managers
11. Police12. Resounding Noise
13. Out For A Night14. Two Lips And Seven Kisses
15. The Stupid Husband16. All Out Of Anaesthetic
17. Ballerina18. Freedom
19. Longer Dipstick20. Sitting For Two
21. Baby Weight22. Humor Cricket Way
23. Grabbing Nose24. Poor Husband
25. Third Marriage26. Gown For Wife
27. Baby Names28. Who Is The Better
29. Dust30. Wounded Skunk
31. Sit On Lap32. Virtues Of Virginity
33. Texan In Chicago34. Valuable Banking
35. Gynaecologist36. A Real City Slicker
37. Look A Like38. Passport Office
39. Napoleon Bonaparte40. Mink
41. Toilet Paper42. Pharmacist
43. Navy Husband44. Divorced Man
45. Elephant Time46. Personal Business
47. Swollen Eyes48. Do You Know English?
49. Feel Like A Newborn Baby50. The Secretary Interview
51. Swimming Outfit52. Mother Superior
53. Worship54. Warm And Moist
55. Woman And An Experience56. Desert Island
57. Bingo58. Monkey Hitch Hiker
59. Cocktail60. Widow
61. Army Private62. Fireman
63. Those Lovely Farmer's Daughters64. Three Men, A Chicken, And A Cow
65. Celibate Prostitute66. Deodorant
67. Two Engineering Students68. Lost Husband
69. Valentines Day Gift70. Handbags
71. Catholics72. Solitary Confinement Woes
73. Warning74. Clinton And The Pope
75. No More Bread76. The Strange Development
77. Expecting78. Meal
79. Space On Lease80. Help
81. Cholesterol Test82. Exercise Bike
83. Complaint84. Have A Camel??
85. Cheap Motel86. Sin
87. Be Aware From Children88. Dinner
89. Church Services90. Strange Wish
91. Real Mad92. Fishing
93. Friendly Natives94. Horny Wife
95. No Justice In This World96. Gas Station
97. Vacation Rule98. Clinton And Pope
99. Puzzle100. Pope And Qween
101. 10 Blondes & A Brunette102. Twins
103. Daughters104. An Animated Conversation
105. Rape106. Old Motor Running
107. Onestone108. Slept With Wife
109. Honeymoon Tour110. Attractive Woman
111. Sticking Out112. License Number
113. Queen Size114. Presence
115. The Night Stay116. Golf Ball
117. Comments118. Bee Removal
119. The Condition120. Lien Holder
121. Bath Time122. Packing
123. Performing Fee124. Checking At Airport
125. Underwear Company126. French Woman
127. Quiting Smoking128. Privacy
129. Discovery130. Problems
131. A Young Female Clerk132. The Chinese Daughters
133. High Birth Rate134. The Little Boy
135. Miss The Wife136. Beer
137. Chest Pain138. Wal Mart
139. The Buffalo140. Pole
141. Good Business142. $3,000 Bills
143. Good Night144. Dog Don't Bite
145. Buffalo146. Cattle Drive
147. The Tampax Incident148. Liar
149. The Deadly Job150. Institutionalized
151. Compensation152. Caught
153. The Baloon154. Always Busy
155. Pete The Playboy156. Scooter Stand
157. The New Baby158. Running Shoes
159. Old Man Murphy Dies160. Female Hitchhiker
161. Cigareties And Tampons162. Women's Revenge
163. Christmas On Third Avenue164. Gift For Future
165. The Smoking Power166. Jazz Chord
167. Little Different168. The Old Man
169. Little Boy170. The Hotel Bill
171. 11 People In Rope172. Christmas Turkey
173. Jesus Watches174. Shortcut
175. 21st Birthday176. Thirteen! Thirteen! Thirteen!
177. Ranch Guy178. Name Factor
179. Casino180. A Feat Of Strength
181. The Potato Magic182. Clever Billy
183. The Royal Shoe184. Letter Posting
185. Father's Age186. Seat Of Death
187. Fingered188. Funny Conversation
189. Senior Special190. Signs
191. Politeness192. English Language
193. How To Treat A Rude Customer?194. What If...?
195. Clever Kid196. Even
197. Tricky Facts198. Grass
199. Stress Relief200. Army Insurance
201. Sleeping Pills202. Compensating Factors
203. Say What?204. Navigator
205. The Clock206. We're Getting Closer
207. Lost208. Price Reduction
209. Trapped In Quick Sand210. Annulment
211. Mr. Cowboy212. Smart Bet
213. Arresting A Six Foot 'er214. Hiding Under The Skirts
215. First Time216. Father & The Taxi Driver At Heaven
217. Getting Even218. Kissing The Stone
219. Balls Turned Blue220. Artificial Insemination
221. Why I Fired My Secretary222. English Officers Wear Red Coats
223. Cookie Thief - A Poem224. Tricky Questions
225. Trick The Priest226. Strange Confession
227. God Isn't Deaf228. Winning The Unthinkable Match
229. Tricky Words230. Don't Get These Wrong
231. Slap For Kissing232. Sexy Disease
233. I Need A Push234. Speed Ticket, Why Me
235. Alternate Meanings236. Absurd Productivity
237. Wrong Or Right238. Do You Know Who I Am
239. Twelve Drinks Please240. My Son Is Such A Creep
241. Hanukkah Sweater242. Football Team Entry Test
243. Don't Touch That Button244. Opportunity !
245. Honesty Is The Best Policy246. Magic Weapons
247. Gang Of Robbers248. Drunken Behavior
249. Let Me Win The Lottery250. Chicken Blood Is Better
251. Bloody Bat252. Secret Service
253. Tricky Neighbor254. Heaven Or Hell
255. Socrates Philosophy256. Sunburn Treatment
257. Two Story House258. Sex On The Sabbath
259. Arthritis260. Farm Humor
261. Twin Sisters262. Coincidence
263. Tip264. Rhyme Competition
265. Bartender266. Aint Got None
267. Pope268. 10 Pints Back To Back
269. Tricking The Lawyer270. How 2 Kill A Lion
271. Crazy Headlines272. Duh Which One Is Which?

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Latest in Tricky
The Boss to a lady aspirant to the post of a Secretary:

Boss: "What is the difference between a paper clip and a screw?"

Lady: "I do not know. I have never been paper clipped"
Added on 01-28-2010